Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Installation, Replacement, & Repair In Colorado

We provide a wide range of metal roofing services to homeowners throughout the Woodland Park and Colorado Springs area. Our professional metal roofers specialize in metal roof installation and repair. With harsh weather conditions in Colorado, protect those you love most by getting a metal roof installed.

Get peace of mind with the durability and low maintenance that metal roofing offers homeowners today. If your roof is showing signs of roof damage due to the Colorado weather, with our free metal roof inspections, there’s no need to wait getting a professional roofer’s help!

Colorado Metal Roofing Services

Metal Roof Installation


No need to stress, installing metal roofing is as easy as 1, 2, 3 for Trout. Our teams will 1. expertly install the metal roofing panels, 2. ensure the insulation and roofing are properly installed for energy efficiency, and 3. can install snow guards to prevent the Colorado snow from cascading off your roof. 

Metal Roofing Repairs


It’s just a fact, metal roofing is a durable roofing material because its fewer seams decreases the amount of snow and ice entering your house. If repairs are needed, our team of professional roofers will find the metal roof damage and repair any roof leaks, rusting metal, or storm and hail damage.

Metal Roofing Replacement

Metal roofing is a reliable material, however there are reasons to replace metal roofing, such as storm and hail damage, or rust. Metal roofing is a solid roof replacement material if you want to protect your home or commercial business from unpredictable Colorado weather.

Lifetime Durability

The average lifetime of a metal roof can range from a minimum of 30 years and up to 70. While the weather in Colorado will impact your metal roof’s lifetime, your roof will keep you safe and protected for years to come.

Our metal roofing installation services are easy and hassle-free. Our expert teams will install the metal roofing panels, ensure proper insulation, and can even install snow guards to prevent snow from cascading off your roof. With Trout Roofing, you can trust that your metal roof installation, repair, or replacement will be a job well done.

Metal Roofing FAQs

Most metal roofing panels will last 30-70 years, but metal roofing’s lifetime varies by weather conditions.

Yes, metal roofing can be painted, but it’s highly recommended to have a professional paint the metal sheeting so you don’t have to take any risks getting up on your roof.

Yes, metal roofing can go over shingles roofing as long as the roof is undamaged. If there is damage to the shingles, it must be repaired before the metal roofing is installed over the shingles roofing. Have a professional roofer give you a metal roof installation estimate!

It’s imperative that you do not attempt to get on your roof without proper assistance from another individual. To safely clean your painted metal roof without damaging the paint, use a low pressure washer with mild soap and water. A cleaning brush may be used, but ensure it isn’t coarse enough to strip away the roofing’s paint. By cleaning your roof regularly, you may extend your roof’s life by preventing metal rusting. Don’t just clean your roof, ensure its health by getting a free metal roof inspection and let us identify any metal roof damage.

Yes, absolutely! Metal roofing is a sturdy roofing material, able to withstand solar panels without any structural concerns. Metal roofing’s life expectancy, 30-70 years, is longer than the average solar panel’s life expectancy, 20-40 years. However, always get a trusted professional’s assistance in regard to your metal roofing expected lifetime. Contact us for a free roof inspection!