Moving to Colorado Springs Checklist

Moving to Colorado Springs Checklist
December 1, 2022

House hunting in the Colorado Springs area can be equally beautiful and daunting. Settling down in this Rocky Mountain town comes with epic snow-capped mountain views, incredible home values, and endless avenues for entertainment and adventure to choose from. It’s a high-demand city in a high-demand state, which means there’s a long list of reasons people want to move to Colorado Springs!

Here’s a checklist we love to run people through when they’re looking to buy a home in the area. 

What’s the difference between El Paso and Teller Counties? 

El Paso and Teller counties encompass the Colorado Springs Metro area and are located just over an hour’s drive south of Denver. El Paso County contains the Colorado Springs urban core and stretches out to the front-range eastern suburbs and beyond. Teller County picks up just west of Pike’s Peak and encompasses the western mountain suburbs and towns near Colorado Springs.

When it comes to location, it all boils down to what’s most important to you as the buyer.

If you’re looking to be closer to the city center or want to take advantage of lower average home costs closer to the plains, El Paso County is going to be your best bet. If you have your heart set on a mountain-side home or the quickest access to hiking trails, you’ll be looking at the west side of El Paso County or Teller County. 

El Paso County is considerably larger and more populous with over 730,000 people compared to only 25,000 in Teller County.  And, as the pattern usually goes in Colorado, the further into the mountains you get, the higher average home prices climb. For context, El Paso’s median sale price in October 2022 was $449,990 while Teller County’s was $515,000

The School Systems 

There are a total of 17 public school districts in the greater Colorado Springs area including several that routinely rank among the top in the state and even the nation. In fact, the US News listed Colorado in the top 5 states for education, with Colorado Springs touting the highest concentration of high-performing schools in the state. 

Each of the 17 districts has its strengths. You can use the Niche school rankings and review resources to get a more detailed look into each district and even the individual schools within the district. 

Notably, the Vanguard School, the Classical Academy High School, and the Cheyenne Mountain School District are all consistently ranked among the top schools in the nation for academic achievement. 

If you’re a parent moving your family to Colorado Springs or the Rocky Mountain area, you certainly want to consider the school district when house shopping. Ask your realtor who can help guide you further on the best school districts for you children’s needs.

What does your dream neighborhood look like? 

Are you looking for a family-friendly suburban feel with options for larger backyards and more shopping malls? Interested in a charming walkable urban area where you’ll find older homes and likely be closer to your neighbors? Or would you prefer to be in a high-end area where the views are pristine and the homes are full of luxury? Colorado Springs has a little bit of everything. 

The northeast suburbs including Briargate, Woodmen, and Northgate, are all growing. Families flock to these areas for the school districts, easy access to restaurants and shopping, and well-planned neighborhoods with newer construction. These are also the suburbs that are closest to Denver without straying too far from everything downtown Colorado Springs has to offer. 

Pleasant Valley is tucked away at the base of Pike’s Peak near the Garden of the Gods. Its housing prices are slightly lower than average because most of the homes are smaller builds from the 1950s and 60s. This neighborhood’s proximity to green spaces as well as all the luxuries the city has to offer makes it a unique neighborhood to consider!

Old North End and Old Colorado City are some of the most charming neighborhoods in the entire area. Known for their interesting architecture that reveals decades of Colorado history, these neighborhoods are perfect for city dwellers looking for a quaint small town feel. There are plenty of shops, eateries, and galleries to peruse. And, there’s never a shortage of events going on! 

Manitou Springs is a hot tourist destination, but for good reason. It’s situated on the western side of Colorado Springs and at the base of Pike’s Peak. Though the town itself is small, it has a lovely downtown area with shops and restaurants. It’s also in the perfect location to access some of the area’s best trails and outdoor attractions. Just beware, you will deal with tourist traffic!

What is the traffic and access to surrounding areas like in Colorado Springs?

Speaking of traffic, that brings us to the next item on our checklist. What is most important for you to be able to access quickly?

The northernmost suburbs of the area are only an hour away from Denver which can be very convenient if you need access to the international airport, like to attend sporting events, or just enjoy city life in CO’s capital. 

The eastern side of the area is best if you want to avoid tourist traffic and road closures during bad weather. 

Access to state and national parks, and some of the best locations for hiking and mountain biking, is best on the west side. Though, no matter where you live in the Pikes Peak area, you’re never far from a beautiful park! 

Are you prepared for a fast-moving market? 

The real estate market in and around Colorado Springs can present quite a challenge! Homes are in high demand and they tend to fly off the market fast. Make sure you’re working with a real estate agent who can help you stay ahead of the game during your house hunt.

There are some features to houses that make a house easier to purchase, such as a new roof. However, if you found a house that is in need of a new roof and didn’t negotiate the roof replacement, we gladly offer free roof inspections. If you’re a homeowner, learn more about drastically increasing the home value of your Colorado Springs area home before you sell your house.

Already moving in? Welcome to the Colorado Springs area! 

Whether you’re already moved in or just beginning to check out the area, we’re glad you’re here! As a local company serving the Pikes Peak region, we’d like to be the first to welcome you to your new mountain home.

If you’re looking for a trusted roofing company, give us a call! We offer free roof inspections to anyone in the area. If you need a roof inspection on a potential home, want to inspect damage on your current roof, or just need guidance on roof repairs or replacement, we’re only a phone call away.