Storm Damage Roofing Inspections and Repair in Teller County & El Paso County, Colorado

When severe weather strikes sometimes the damage is visible, but not all damage is visible from the ground. Hail, wind, and ice can damage the integrity of your roof and cause water damage to the interior of your home. Having your roof inspected after a storm is vital to the protection of your home, health & belongings. We proudly offer storm damage roofing inspections and repair to the entire Pikes Peak area; including Woodland Park, Colorado Springs, Teller County, and El Paso County.

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Hail Damage on Roof

Hail Damage

The most common cause of roof related insurance claims here in Colorado! Hail comes in all shapes and sizes, from pea size to softball-in any form; hail is a menace to your roof. That said, we know that not all hail storms cause significant damage. During your free inspection we will give an honest assessment of your roof and let you know if there is sufficient damage for you to file a claim with your insurance company.

Wind Damage on Roof

Wind Damage

Severe winds often cause shingles to lift, which can loosen the seal strip or completely shear off damaged shingles. This makes it easier for water to penetrate and shingles to blow off in the future. Wind can also cause significant tree/limb damage to a roof and home. If you notice shingles or broken tree limbs around your home after a storm give us a call. Our team of professionals can identify wind damage during your free inspection.

Emergency Roofing Repairs

When there is damage to the most important part of your home, keeping the elements and water out should be an immediate priority. We know a thing or two about streams and streaming water from a roof leak is not as enjoyable as wading in a mountain stream to catch a trophy trout. Whether you are dealing with a large or small water leak, we are here to help with prompt emergency repairs.

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