Summer Conditions & The Impact on Your Roof

July 1, 2022

What to Know about Roof Protection and Maintenance in the Summer Heat

Summer heat in Colorado brings its own set of challenges to the roof of your home. After months of shielding your family from snow and ice, the seasons change, things dry out, and then the reality of heat and summer storms sets in. Here’s what you need to know about roof protection, roof maintenance, and roof inspections in Colorado!

If you suspect roof damage from the summer heat, hail damage, or general wear and tear, you can always reach out to Trout Roofing for a free roof inspection.

Roof Damage from Summer Heat and UV Rays

One of the most common causes of roof damage over the summer is UV rays. Depending on your roofing material and the age of your roof, UV rays from the sun may be doing irreversible damage leading to cracks and leaks. 

If the outermost layers of your roof are compromised to the point that they’re letting water or other moisture in, you could be in for potential roof damage. Even if you’re not seeing signs of leaking all the way through to your attic or ceiling, moisture could be gathering beneath your shingles and causing rot or other issues. 

The best way to prevent UV roof damage is to ensure your shingles or roofing material is reflecting the sun rather than absorbing its heat. There are plenty of modern roofing materials that will help protect your roof from this type of damage, but it hasn’t always been that way. A lot of older roofs are not equipped to handle the kind of direct sunlight that new roofs are! If your roof is older and not prepared to reflect the sun’s UV rays, get a free roof inspection from Trout Roofing today!

What to do with Hail Damage on your Roof 

Summer storms in Colorado can also bring hail damage to your roof. Hail can pelt your shingles leaving dents, cracks, and other forms of permanent damage that weakens the integrity of your roof.

The best thing to do after a large hailstorm, if you have any evidence of hail damage at all, is to use insurance to help you repair the damage done.

Hail damage may be discernable with an untrained eye, but not always. Sometimes there are clear pellet-like dents arranged in a random pattern. These dents are often soft to the touch and form weak spots in your shingles. There may also be split shingles or sheered-off edges of your shingles, exposed roof felt, or a loss of granules.

Most insurance companies will allow you to file a claim for your roof up to a year after a hailstorm, but waiting could lead to even further damage. It’s best to schedule an inspection, get a quote for roof repair, and shore up your shingles as quickly as possible! 

Roof Leaks Repairs

If any damage to your roof leads to leaks, it’s imperative to fix the problem immediately before it worsens. Your roof is your first line of protection from the elements. Small cracks that lead to small leaks can transform into bigger cracks and bigger leaks in no time. 

The last thing you want to worry about is dealing with extensive water damage on top of roof repair! 

The good news is, that not every roof leak requires a major roof overhaul (though some will!) There are ways to patch up your current roof and prevent any more leakage from happening, especially if you catch the problem early. 

How to Protect your Roof from Summer Conditions

The key to a healthy and leak-free roof is maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. If you take all the precautions to protect your roof and check it regularly for problems, your roof should last you a very long time! 

  • Keep your roof clear of debris. Make sure your gutters stay clear, tree branches aren’t rubbing against your shingles, and there are no leaves or debris collecting and rotting on the roof. 
  • Check your caulking and sealants seasonally. These points on your roof are especially vulnerable to cracking. If you ensure those areas are always fresh and completely sealed, you’ll reduce your chances of roof damage. 
  • Clean your roof. This goes back to clearing your roof of debris! Especially after large storms or seasons of leaf fall, it’s good to get someone up on the roof and just make sure it’s all cleared off. While they’re there, do a quick check for visible cracks, dents, and damaged shingles so you can repair or replace them before they cause further issues. 
  • Get a free roof inspection. At Trout, we strive to be the best roofers near you, across the Pikes Peak area. We offer free roof inspections to make sure your roof is still in tip-top shape. We’ll let you know what damage we see, what we recommend, and if needed, we’ll get you a quote for the work. 

If you see any indication of roof damage from the summer heat or other summer conditions, reach out to Trout Roofing for a free roof inspection today!