Wood Shingles & Shake Roofing Replacement & Repair In Colorado

Wood Shingles & Shake Roofing Replacement & Repair In Colorado

Wood shingles roofing, along with wood shake roofing, are a charming type of roofing that adds character to a house. Common types of wood roofing include cedar wood shingles, natural shake wood roofing, and weathered wood shake roofing. At Trout Roofing, our expert roofers offer a wide range of wood shingles and wood shake roofing services to homeowners throughout the Woodland Park and Colorado Springs area, including repair, maintenance, and replacement. Maintenance of wood shingles roofing can protect you and your loved ones from Colorado’s unpredictable weather conditions.


With the durability and character wood shingles offers homeowners, you can rest assured you and your family are well protected. If your roof is needing to be replaced or you want to add curb appeal with a cedar wood roof, don’t wait to get a professional roofer’s help. We provide free wood shingles roofing inspections

Colorado Wooden Shake Roofing Services

Wood Shake Repairs

Wood shingles roofing is a common type of roofing due to its character and natural style. Although a weathered wood appearance is charming, if the wood roof is damaged, our experienced roofers will inspect and repair roof leaks or storm/hail damage. Trout Roofing provides roofing repair services so you can focus on those under your roof.

Wood Shingles Replacement

Replacing your wood roof may be necessary after destructive storms caused hail damage or tree debris damage. When replacing a roof, wood shake roofs are a charming material that makes it a great replacement roofing option – take advantage of our free wood roof inspections if you want to update your roof!

Lifetime Durability

The average lifetime of a wood shingles roof is roughly 30 years, but can last up to 40 years depending on the type of wood roofing. Although the weather in Colorado can impact the lifetime of your roof, a wood shake roof will keep you and your loved ones protected for years to come. 

Trout Roofing’s wood shake roofing repair services are hassle-free and simple for Colorado homeowners, as we assist with home insurance claims. Our roofers will identify any roof damage, repair or replace the shingles, and ensure proper insulation so you have nothing to worry about. Trust Trout Roofing for an expertly repaired or replaced roof and have the job done on time. 

The lifespan of wood roofing varies by the type of wood used for the roofing. Wood shake roofing can last up to 30 years with regular maintenance and the right type of cedar wood.

Cedar shingles are a common sturdy roofing material because they withstand Colorado weather elements. Additionally, cedar wood shingles.

There are currently mandates preventing new home builds to have wood roofing installed. However, if your home has had wood shingles roofing, it does not necessarily mean that your home is breaking roofing laws. At Trout Roofing, we help identify any damage and can repair wood shingles to prevent a total roof replacement. Because of Colorado laws preventing wood shingles being installed, it’s likely if you have a wood roof, it is getting close to the end of its lifetime. Contact us at Trout and we’ll help you navigate a roof replacement with Colorado’s roofing laws!